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6 Things That Women Do Shopping They Could Do Better

Please don’t take your husband or friend as your stylist; they know nothing about fashion, and they can be naysayers! Not kidding, if you are shopping with a friend who tells you, “You are too old to wear a skirt above the knee,” lose her! I once had that experience, and ignoring the naysayer, I said, “Wear some opaque stockings with the skirt” I am happy to say she purchased the skirt!

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Fashion, petite fashion

The Petite Hourglass; Style Coaching in the Fitting Room

I recently worked with Jackie, a petite woman who was shopping for work outfits. Because Jackie works in a business casual office, she can wear sharp denim styles. She asked for help putting together a few business casual outfits. Jackie indicated to me she has short legs but finds petite sizing too tight through the rise.