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6 Petite Fashion Myths That You Should Ignore

The book of petite fashionmyths

When it comes to fashion, everybody has an opinion, including those who know nothing about it! And often, these opinions are formed on incorrect information, outdated fashion beliefs, and our attitude about our bodies! The post 6 Petite Fashion Myths that You Should Ignore exposes ten outdated fashion beliefs!

Myth #1 – Petite Women Shouldn’t Wear Maxi Dresses

One common misconception is that maxi dresses swamp petite women! This is an incorrect belief; petite women can wear maxi dresses without looking frumpy! In addition to your height, you need to factor in your body shape by choosing a maxi dress that complements your proportions.

10 Petite Fashion Myths to Forget

For petite women, opting for a maxi dress with a higher waistline or tunic style dresses can create the illusion of a taller frame. Choosing a maxi dress with vertical stripes or a V-neckline can help elongate your silhouette. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and patterns to find what suits you best. Remember, fashion is all about expressing your unique style and feeling confident in what you wear!

Myth #2 Petite Women Should Wear Fitted Clothing

Another common belief is that petite women are dainty and need fitted clothing! While this myth has some logic, it does not consider that not all petite women are diminutive. Personal style, body shape, proportions, weight, and muscle mass make a difference in how clothes fit. There is no one style that fits all!

There is no reason you can’t experiment with oversized or unstructured pieces! For example, if you are a triangle or pear shape, oversized shoulders or Dolman sleeves can balance a curvy hip and thigh! And to balance the bottom and top, pair your oversized top with a skinny leg!

Myth #3 Petite Women Want to Appear Taller

Not all petite women are concerned about appearing taller, although that is a common belief!

In fashion, as in art, a balanced body equals 8 head lengths, starting at your scalp to the top of your feet. You may be scratching your head over that statement, but ignoring myth #3 makes a big difference in fashion.

A body is either balanced in two equal halves: short-waisted, where the legs are longer than the torso, or long-waisted, where the torso is longer than the legs. The latter tends to be more common with petite women. Knowing which group you fall into is important in learning what clothing styles work best for you. Click here to learn about how to determine your proportions.

Myth #4 Petite Women Have to Shop in the Kids Department

I have seen this statement from many other stylists catering to petite women, and I think it’s nonsense. Because the statement suggests that all petite women are tiny and wear small sizes! In reality, if you are a tiny petite, your options are limited, but not to the kid’s department! Brands catering to the “petite-petite” include XXS and 00 sizings, including Loft, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and many others! You shouldn’t need to shop in the kids’ dept; if you are, I can help!

Myth #5 – Petite Women Should Wear Heels

Every short girl loves a pair of heels, but they do a real number on your feet! An excellent alternative is the wedge heel or platform shoe, which adds height without sacrificing comfort!

That said, a statement flat is on trend with a full-length trouser and a bit of a “puddle“! A high-waisted style will extend the leg line and create a flattering silhouette!

Myth #6 Petite Women Should Invest In Quality Clothing

Myth #6 blows me away, as if only petite women should invest in quality clothing or petite women are special and need quality clothing…baloney!

Quality over quantity is a great way to shop. Capsule wardrobes work for the planet, your wallet, and all women! Do buy the best quality you can afford, but don’t limit yourself based on price!

Investing in quality pieces that suit your style and offer versatile styling options is smart, and it doesn’t matter if you are a petite, regular, or plus-size woman!

That’s a wrap on 6 Petite Fashion Myths That You Should Ignore! Stay tuned for my next post on petite fashion myths that may be stunting your personal style!

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