Style Coaching Services for petite women 50+ offers style coaching for ordinary women!

Is your style in a rut because you can never find the style, correct size, or colors that flatter you? Let’s face it, shopping is going to the net, and offerings for petite women are shrinking!   Working in ladies’ retail fashion, I have become adept at helping women shop for everyday styles, finding the perfect black dress, or packing for a vacation. And I can help you develop your style with a custom coaching session specific to your needs. We will create a new closet or update your wardrobe with critical essentials and capsule pieces.

Style Coaching Services can be tailored to your specific style needs!

Seasonal Color Analysis

There are different schools of thought about color analysis, and MyPetiteStyle employs a combination of traditional Four Season Color Analysis (CMB) and common sense color psychology. The main goal of the Seasonal Color consultation is to identify the seasonal color palette that harmonizes with the natural color patterns of your skin, eyes, and hair. If you want to know what colors look best on you and how to mix and match colors in your wardrobe, you can skip the psychology of color. And I promise not to dress you in pink if you are Chairman of the Board!

Personal Styling

Schooled in fashion and an experienced personal stylist, I offer body shape analysis and education on proportional dressing. You will understand the fundamentals of dressing for your body shape. And how to dress in proportions that balance your frame, and finally, how to highlight your strong points! You will learn how to build beautiful outfits using versatile pieces without spending much money!

Personal Shopping

I am an experienced Petite personal shopper in Petite fashion retail. As a fitting room stylist at Ann Taylor Loft, I can shop for essentials, curate an entire closet, or shop for a special event. Skilled in fit and sizing, I have advised many women that they shop on the wrong side of the store (e.g., petite vs. regular sizes). I offer expert fit and style services in the fitting room and the sales floor. And I can offer you the same level of service as a personal client!

As a stylist with Ann Taylor Loft, I can book private in-store style and shopping sessions for clients outside regular business hours. I can work with you to build a functional, beautiful wardrobe that reflects your authentic self!

Closet Edits

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? After the style comes the closet cleanse, and I can help with that, too. What’s the best way to tackle an unmanaged closet with a plan; of course! After completing a signature style, you will have a blueprint guide to help you figure out what to toss and keep!

Free Style Coaching for Petite Women 50+

I understand that working with a style coach (aka personal stylist) might be out of the comfort zone for some. And I never want the client to feel like they are taking a risk! Therefore, I offer first-time clients a one-time 30-minute in-store coaching consultation at no charge!


Let’s connect over a Starbucks in Roseville, CA, by phone or remotely via Zoom and find out if we are a match! You can find my contact info at the bottom of the blog. Please email, text, or ask for me by name at Ann Taylor Loft in Roseville, CA, and let’s connect!

Namaste, Beth

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