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Adventures in the Loft Fitting Room; Style Coaching

I am not sure when the “personal stylist” became synonymous with ‘style coach.” However, I do know that the phrase “style coaching” is a better title for the work I do in the fitting room for Ann Taylor, Loft. The post, Adventures in the Loft Fitting Room; Style Coaching, features a story from the fitting room!

Jessica’s Loft Fitting Room Adventure

Jessica was waiting for me in the fitting room; when I arrived for work. She had a color and style consultation with CMB and wanted to put her new knowledge to the test. Sort of like an episode of “What Not to Wear”! I leafed through the details of the style consult from CMB and reviewed the color palette. I then looked closely at Jessica and noted she was slim with rounded shoulders that sloped forward, a defined waist, and a gentle curve through her hips. Schooled in fashion and style, I could decipher the information from CMB, explain it to Jessica, and offer style options that fit the signature pear shape. While Jessica is categorically petite, she requires a longer rise. That said, a high-rise pant style fits Jessica much better! Jessica left the store with a new style of pants, tops to go with them, and my card! As a subscriber, Jessica received a free “What’s My Signature Style.” Additionally, Jessica asked for assistance shopping for stylish shoes that accommodate high arches.

Shoe Edit Adventures; style coaching

The best shoes have plenty of room in the toe to accommodate feet with high arches. Avoid crisscrossing straps over the instep and a heel with a gentle rise from the toe to the heel. The photos below came from Jessica’s closet and are flat to a low wedge.

Adventures in Style Coaching; stylist suggestions

Make comfort your priority because no matter how pretty the shoe is, you won’t wear them if they are painful! However, that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style; it just means you must shop around! I selected two options for a Summer wedge sandal below; both are from Sorel. And the flats and sneakers are from Rockport. However, Sketchers was also mentioned in this post from the Today Show. Additional options are Clarks, Rockport, Vionic, and Dr. Scholl’s

Shop shoes for feet with high arches

Personal Shopper for Petite women over 50!

Most of the women I work with in the fitting room in a personal consult are closer to 60 than 50! However, I don’t believe age should be the determining factor in our style choices. Great style starts with loving ourselves and accepting our bodies as they are, and understanding what styles look best on our bodies. And knowledge is power; learning how to dress your shape and proportions is the best thing you can do to build style confidence at any age!

Adventures in the Loft Fitting Room; Style Coaching

As typical of the pear shape Jessica is slight through the upper body with sloped shoulders. Blouses and tops in medium-weight fabrics add structure and definition to the shoulders. Additionally, tops with wide necklines or embellishments on the shoulders and chest will add width. Or wear multiple layers; a blazer, sweater, or jacket adds volume to the upper body. The goal is to broaden the shoulder line and width of the upper body to bring it in alignment with the hips.

The Pant Edit; Style Coaching Adventures!

I have written many times about the pant edit and how pants are one of the most challenging pieces of clothing to fit. Trying on pants can suck; that is why you need a friend in the fitting room:-) Jessica struggled to find a good fit with a mid-rise style in petite or regular sizing. She was about to give up, and I suggested a high rise, and they looked fantastic on her. Jessica loved the fit and the way they looked; she had not tried a wide-leg style before and was surprised at how great it looked.

fitting room client at the Loft

Jessica was open to adventures in the Loft fitting room and was excellent at providing detailed information on her current clothing styles and her style goals. I love that Jessica was open-minded and willing to try a new style, hence the wide-leg pants she now owns! It was my pleasure to work with Jessica, and I hope to see her again soon in the fitting room!

Shop Jessica’s Style Board

Style Coaching for Petite Women, Roseville, CA

Do you live in the Roseville area? Are you a petite woman over 50? Do you need help with your style, regardless of age or height? Do you want free style assistance?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I can help! Please get in touch with me for an in-person or remote coaching session and complete the What’s my Signature Style Questionnaire.

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