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A Petite Classic Closet Does Not Need to Be Frumpy

The girlfriend denim jean for petite women over 60

Are you a petite woman over sixty? Is your closet stuffed with baggy, shapeless clothes and outdated styles? Do the clothes you put on in the morning perk you up or bring you down? And do your clothes make you feel frumpy? If so, read the post; a petite classic closet does not need to be frumpy, and discover how to add pizazz to your classic closet!

Capsule Pieces for a Modern Petite Classic Closet

By definition, capsule pieces should be of above-average quality with timeless style. An excellent capsule piece can go for years. However, it’s a good idea to refresh your classic style, especially as you age; you want to update your wardrobe with modern classic pieces and avoid frumpy styles!

Classic Modern Blazer

If you think the office is the only place for Blazers, think again! Blazers look sharp paired with a denim leg for a casual look. Or pair your blazer with trousers, a tank, tee, or button-up, and a pair of flats, sandals, or a comfortable fashion sneaker. Choose a blazer style that flatters your figure the best. Curvy gals should opt for a hip-length or cropped style jacket; conversely, slim-hipped gals could opt for a longline blazer.

Modern Denim for Petite Women over 60

Create a long line by layering your blazer over a slim or straight leg, creating a long straight line from head to toe, or opt for a pair of trouser jeans, boot-cut, or wide-leg denim. A modern pair of denim in a style suited to your shape is an essential capsule piece. Not sure where to start shopping for denim? Work with your local petite stylist (that would be me;-) and receive in-person sizing and style expert.

Classic ShirtDress for Petite Woman; 60+

The shirtdress is timeless; choose a solid in your favorite neutral (white, navy, black, cream) that flatters your seasonal color palette. Short sleeves over sleeveless may be desirable if you have an issue with your upper arms. And if your goal is to lengthen your leg line, the belted high-waisted style of this dress is perfect!


Classic Black Trouser Pant

The classic black trouser pant is a capsule piece most women have in their closet. For a casual chic style, layer a denim jacket over a classic trouser pant, and add contrasting accessories in white and gold.


Invest in a Designer Handbag

The older I get, the less stuff I need to carry around with me, and a few years ago, I scaled down to a crossbody bag. Have you outgrown the need for your huge handbag? Lighten up your style; swap out your traditional handbag with a stylish crossbody in your favorite color.

Petite Women over 60 need to keep their capsule wardrobe fun!


A Petite Classic Closet Does Not Need to Be Frumpy!

You can absolutely wear your favorite classic pieces without looking frumpy! You don’t have to stop being stylish just because you turned sixty. However, an open mind and willingness to experiment with different styles and trends is a necessity to maintain a youthful, fun personal style!

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Namaste, Beth

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