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The Petite Hourglass; Style Coaching in the Fitting Room

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My primary duty at Ann Taylor Loft is working with clients in the fitting room and assisting them with sizing and styling. I recently worked with Jackie, a petite woman who was shopping for work outfits. Because Jackie works in a business casual office, she can wear sharp denim styles. She asked for help putting together a few business casual outfits. Jackie indicated to me she has short legs but finds petite sizing too tight through the rise. Working together, we found that Jackie got a better fit with high-rise style than mid-rise. After working with me in the fitting room, Jackie signed up for a free Signature Style Edit. And the post, petite hourglass; style coaching in the fitting room is Jackie’s style story!

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The Petite Hourglass Fitting Room Style; Proportions

The characteristics of the petite hourglass are a height of 5.4 or less, defined At 5.2, Jackie classifies as petite in height, and she is long-waisted, with her legs shorter than her torso.

What are the characteristics of the Petite Hourglass Body Shape

Jackie’s Style Portfolio helped her understand basic style points for her shape!

Fitting Room Coaching; Proportions; Short or Long or Balanced

Talking about proportions is a conversation I frequently have working with women in the fitting room. Understanding proportions is helpful in creating balance! your legs longer than your torso, or perhaps your torso is longer than your legs (that’s more typical with petite women), or is your body evenly balanced? Then the question becomes, what is the desired outcome; do you want to create more balance between the upper and lower body? Or perhaps you want to make your legs appear longer. Your style coach will make a recommendation based on known style principles. However, there isn’t a wrong or right answer here; it’s about dressing to achieve your desired result.

Style Coaching; Your Rise Measurement and Why it’s Important

It’s easy to get confused between the definition of “rise” in a pair of pants and the rise as it relates to the human body. In both cases, the rise measurement starts at the crotch seam (between your legs) and extends to the belly button or your natural waist. (To find your natural waist, stand straight with your legs together and bend your upper body to the right. Place a finger at the bend that is your natural waist). Understanding rise is important because it determines where the pants will sit on your body. And that matters when you consider the overall effect you want to achieve with the outfit!

Pant Rise; Style Coaching in the Fitting Room

Pant sizing and styling are probably the two biggest services in the fitting room. There are many options, and it does take time to work out which styles work and nail the sizing. That is where I come in, and Jackie was open to style and sizing suggestions. One of the things I picked up from Jackie was that she struggled to find a good fit with the mid-rise styles she had been wearing. Jackie had not worn a wide-leg style before working with me. However, after trying on several different styles, mid and high-rise, Jackie was sold on both the high-waist and wide-leg styles.

wide leg high-waisted denim

The Pant Crotch Fit Test

pants in the fitting room

I suggest the “sit” test when working with women on pant fitting. If the rise is long, there will be access fabric at the crotch. If the rise is too short, the fit may be an uncomfortable fit.

Shop Petite Hourglass Outfits; Jackie’s Shopboard

Keeping Jackie’s petite hourglass shape in mind when I shopped, I skipped pleated skirts and opted for a subtle A-line patch-pocket skirt, a flowy button-up from Anthropologie Petites. Jackie has beautiful shoulders, and peplum-style blouses are flattering to her shape. Indigo blue and lavender-pink is a stunning color combination; add a pair of statement earrings. Jumpsuits are new for Jackie, and the high-waisted palazzo look and feel of this flowy suit elongated Jackie’s legs.

Shop Jackie’s Style Board

How many bags does a girl need?

Are you a bag girl? You know how some women are “shoe girls,” and some women are jewelry girls,” and others are “bag girls” :-); which one are you? If you are a bag lady, excuse the pun. I recommend splurging on two designer handbags; choose neutral colors for Summer and Winter. And for that pop of color or outfit-specific bag, make it a non-designer Amazon purchase.

Do you have a question, comment, or suggestion? I would love to know how many bags you own:-)

Thanks for reading the post, The Petite Hourglass; Style Coaching in the Fitting Room, and supporting my blog! Stay tuned for more fitting room adventures!

Namaste, Beth

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