Boot-cut, Crops, Flares, and Wide-leg denim

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I wanted some jeans with a wide-enough leg to cover the tops of some boots that I had purchased last winter and initially thought of a boot-cut. However, when I began my search, I couldn’t find the classic style anywhere. What I did see a lot of was the current trend with cropped jean in a wide-leg or flare leg. I initially dismissed a “Flare” leg when visions of the seventies popped into my head! Sometimes you just have to ignore the fashion police; check out some other fashion rules I choose to ignore

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The straight lines of the sweater in the pic above balance out the wide-leg and the yellow boots complete the outfit!

While I think the outfit above is super-cute, as a short person, I instinctively avoid cropped pants of any type. They tend to accentuate my “shortness,” That said, I mentally crossed this trend off my list.

Wide-leg denim

The wide-leg is another look that I would avoid. Again, as a small person I avoid adding bulky items and wide legs could look over-whelming not to mention the crop aspect of some styles. A very trendy look that I would not spend any money on.


Classic boot-cut

The classic boot-cut I remembered is what I wanted and the last pair I owned was a “mini-boot” by LuckyBrand. However, a view of their website returned not a single boot-cut style for women, and I found that to be true at most major department stores, including Ann Taylor/The Loft, Banana Republic, and Nordstrom.

Flared jeans

I purchased the flare jeans below at Banana Republic and loved the fit. The combination of the high-waist and flare leg adds length to a petite, and I love how long these jeans make my legs look! These jeans are also very comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. The current style has the bottoms of these jeans just above grazing the ground for added height.

side view of high-waisted flare denim

Key differences between boot-cut & Flare

Boot-cut and flare share similar characteristics; both are narrow through the knee. However, the Flare leg is more narrow and fitted through the thigh, and the flare starts just below the knee. Boot-cut is straighter through the leg, less fitted through the thigh, and the flare is more subtle.

Modernize your flare

Worried about dating yourself; pair your flare denim with a modern classic, wrap top, classic tees, and cropped jackets. You can maintain proportion and balance by avoiding shapeless or bulky tops or sweaters.

Add some height to balance the flare

A wedge or bootie add height and balance the bulk of the flare. Pointy-toe or pumps or stylish and modern and add some sophistication to your look.

Given the number of style choices available in denim today, it’s not hard to believe that the average American woman has between seven and ten pairs of jeans!

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  2. Shannon says:

    What a fun post and great info on denim. Jeans with flare are so fun and great with boots for fall. Looking forward to wearing mine for this season.

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