Scarves are still in style!

pile of silk scarfs

I recently had someone comment on a scarf I was wearing, admiring it and then stating that scarves were not in style this year. My response to that was, “scarves are a classic” and a great accessory.” It was news to me that scarves were out; however, I love wearing a beautiful scarf and wasn’t concerned about being on-trend! I did decide to do some research on “scarves” and found several good websites on scarves and nothing to suggest they were a fashion “no-no”!

Scarve’s a classic accessory

DepositPhoto of colorful hanging scarves.
Colorful silk scarves

Historically scarves have been worn since ancient Egyptian times when Queen Nefertiti wore a woven scarf under an elaborate headpiece. Scarves continued to gain popularity as an accessory in the 19th century and blossomed over the years to become a staple in every women’s wardrobe.

Scarves come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and colorful prints and patterns. They are perfect for the office, weekend, or any occasion and or a classy accessory.

Scarves, the versatile accessory

Accessories are the icing on every outfit, and in many cases, they complete or tie the look together. Use a scarf in place of a statement necklace to finish an outfit. Add some interest to a plain outfit with a printed scarf and bring attention to the face.

How to wear a scarf

  • Wear them as a belt
  • Wear them as a head covering
  • Tie them around the brim of sun hat for a cute look
  • Wear them around your neck
  • Wear them as a wrap
  • Tie them around the handle of your handbag
  • Wear them to add a pop of color

Scarves are an underused accessory mostly because women don’t know how to use them in their wardrobe or are intimidated by how to tie them. Knowledge is power, so read on and get comfortable with scarves; once you learn to tie one, they will become an accessory staple in your wardrobe!

Scarves can be  tied around the waist as a belt.
Tie a colorful scarf around a handbag or cross-body bag!

 How to tie a scarf

How you tie a scarf depends on the size and shape of the scarf. I have included a few videos from third-party websites that I have found helpful.

  • Long scarves can be draped, looped, and tied in different configurations.
  • Depending on the size, Square scarves can be tied around the neck or head or used as a wrap.
  • Watch these Chico’s videos on how to tie scarves.
  • Infinity scarves; are circular, and you loop them around your head for an easy-to-wear style.

What Scarves are in style for 2021

Scarf standouts for 2021 include the neck-tie scarf, and animal print is huge this year in just about everything, including scarves. Look for interesting combination prints like the combination floral/animal print below.

For spring/summer, choose lightweight fabrics such as natural fibers such as linen, cotton, denim/chambray, and man-made fabric, rayon. For Fall 2021, choose fabrics like wool, cashmere. Polyester and acrylic fabrics are less itchy than wool and are worth considering when choosing a winter scarf.

The scarf is here to stay!

Never let the “runway” disturb your sense of personal style. Some trends turn into classics that stand the test of time, and many ride off into the sunset, never to return. I think we can say that scarves have withstood their popularity over time and will continue to be a mainstay in women’s wardrobes for years to come!

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