2021 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

AnimalPrint Scarf

2021 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends; this year’s spring and summer fashion trends are in the stores and hitting the streets as it starts to warm up in Northern California. The season styles this year are netted, knitted, printed, puffy and comfortable! Colors go from neutrals-pastels-bright vivid, eye-popping color!

Shoes go from pastels to animal prints in everything from dressy sneakers to office heels!

Zebra print shoes
Zebra Print

Animal prints have been tremendous all year, so it’s not surprising to see the trend continue. A worthy mention is Zebra print which seems to be rising in popularity. There is a new platform in town called the “Flatform,” a cross between a flat and a platform. Looks pretty comfy!

New style of platform shoe, called a "flatform".
The Flatform

This year, another great trend is pairing “tennies” with dress pants, skirts, and dresses, including midi and maxi lengths. I’m always looking for less conventional ways of wearing my clothes to fit into a casual lifestyle. It’s perfect for the woman on the go and so cute!

Skirts and are netted, pleated, printed, and knitted! 

Smocking is prevalent in many styles this spring and summer. Look for it in skirts, dresses, and tops. Comfort clothing is still the name of the game, and knitwear options are in abundance; look for this style in skirts, dresses, and pants.


Tops are pastel, candy-colored and bright! Sleeves are puffy and exaggerated!

Spring and summer tops go from Easter egg pastels to a candy color pink, and soft prints, and bold prints. Exaggerated shoulders and sleeves are big this year and seen in dresses and tops. Additionally, I see a lot of light neutrals such as kaki both in the stores and online.

Pants are comfortable with many jogger and pull-up styles. The skinny leg is out and the wide or straight leg is in! 

Now, there are so many leg styles that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but everything I am reading suggests that the “skinny” leg is out. Well, regardless of what the runway says, there are still plenty of skinny jeans to be had in the stores. So if you are a fan of the skinny, don’t worry, I don’t think they are going anywhere! However, like an inverted triangle, I am enjoying both the wide and the straight-leg popularity!

Dresses are pastel, printed, knitted, and smocked!

Dresses this season are all shades of pastel and familiar summer prints. The square neckline seen in tops and dresses is another stand-out this season. The square neckline works well for most bodies, although it can make broad shoulders look broader if it is too wide.

Jackets and sweaters go from oversized to cropped!

Comfort is king again this year, with many of us still hibernating at home. We vacillate between menswear styles; oversized summer shirts, blazers to cropped jackets, and sweaters! 

Alongside the neck scarf and statement jewelry, the midsection belt is in style, does an excellent job defining the waist, and looks great wrapped around dresses, skirts, blazers, and oversized shirts. Square scarves are in fashion, rolled and tied around the neck or folded on the diagonal, and tied around the neck. Either way, scarves are a great accessory and have stood the test of time.

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