There has never been a better time to cultivate a hobby!

Does the 2020 pandemic have you locked down and bored out of your head? There has never been a better time to cultivate an existing hobby or start a new one!

I started this blog in January 2018 and lost interest in it over time, and hadn’t done anything with it for over a year. The quarantine gave me the perfect opportunity to begin working on my blog again, and it has kept me sane for the last five months!

I grew up with parents who had lots of interests and hobbies. My parents were creative, and my dad, an adventurer who dabbled in many pursuits. I was encouraged and supported by my parents to pursue my interests and hobbies.

The definition of a hobby

A hobby is an activity you do regularly for fun. It can be anything you enjoy doing regardless of the activity type; exercise, arts and crafts, cycling, painting, gardening, whatever floats your boat!

Expand on a current hobby or tap into your interests, and don’t be afraid to try something brand new. You never know; you may have a hidden talent you never knew about!

Check out resources like local colleges and city parks and recreation departments for adult education programs that allow you to test the waters without too much investment. Check newspapers for local events that may interest you. Talk to your friends and see what they do for relaxation and fun.

Avoid mixing your hobby with your job, instead identify a passion outside your career, and tap into different skills that are not a regular part of your job.

There has never been a better time to cultivate a hobby!

The perks of a having hobby

Spending time on an interest or hobby produces nice perks for both physical and mental well-being. Focusing your attention on something you love doing will keep you connected to the present moment and tune out the rest of the world.

I have listed out a few of the beneficial reasons you should have a hobby:

  • Focusing on a hobby produces beneficial eustress
  • Exploring a new interest or hobby is challenging
  • Learning something new is a boost to your confidence
  • Developing a hobby can be a journey of self-discovery
  • Having a hobby makes you a more interesting person

I lose myself for hours working on my blog, and that is what a hobby should do. If your hobby doesn’t take you there, then perhaps it’s not the right hobby for you. Don’t give up; just keep exploring!

Life is an adventure; get out there and do it!

Scuba diving

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  1. Nancy Richter says:

    Totally agree about having hobbies and trying new ones๐Ÿ‘

  2. Nancy Richter says:

    Totally agree about having hobbies and trying new ones ๐Ÿ‘

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