How yoga helped me change my life!

Demonstration of the Yoga Crow pose

The post, how yoga helped me change my life, is a story about personal recovery and growth. In the first week of January 2018, I had what I like to call an emotional melt-down at work. My life felt like a wreck. I knew some change was in order if I was going to keep my sanity and my job! This post is about how helped me change my life.

Yoga was my go-to

Yoga became my “go-to,” and I took it everywhere. I committed to daily meditation, and the spiritual essence of my yoga practice began to grow roots. A persistent yoga practice helped me to successfully crack a wedge into the door of my mind and helped me open my mind. I was on my way to one of the most joyful experiences of my life!

The Lightbulb moment; how yoga helped me change my life

In March 2019, I searched for a self-help book for my daughter and read a book review for The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. After I ordered the book for my daughter, and on a whim, I decided I would check it out too. I can’t recall precisely where I was in this book when the lightbulb went off, but it was like a burst of light!

Journey of self-discovery; how yoga helped me change my life

I thought I understood the concept that happiness comes from “within,” but I realized during my journey of self-exploration that I did not. The words are easy to say but not as easy to demonstrate consistently in daily life. I now understand happiness is a choice. We have an opportunity every moment of every day; to choose happy or unhappy thoughts.

Every book I read teaches me something new about myself and life. Knowledge is wisdom; I am wiser about myself than I was two years ago.

A course in Miracles is a challenging read, but many laypeople’s interpretations are available. A couple of books I recommend:

  1. The Course in Miracles Experiment by Pam Grout.
  2. A Course In Miracles Made Easy by Alan Cohen


How yoga helps me change my life!

  1. Live in the present moment. We punish ourselves when we live in the past and make ourselves sick with worry when we think about the future.
  2. Become self-aware of your thoughts and behaviors. What you see, say, and do reflects your thoughts! Pay attention to what you are thinking!
  3. Believe in a power other than yourself. Belief in a higher power can be challenging for some, including me. However, believing in a power other than yourself can lighten your load.
  4. Let go of self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. Believe in yourself and don’t listen to anyone who tells you you can’t achieve your hopes and dreams.
  5. Let go of unhealthy attachments to people, places, and things that bind your happiness to them. If you look for your happiness externally, you will never find it.
  6. Step out of your comfort zone. We grow the most when we are challenged and pushed out of our area of experience.
  7. Express some gratitude; life is beautiful!
  8. Strive to live a self-actualized life. I learned about self-actualization from Dr. Wayne D Dyer.

Set Daily Intentions

I like to start every day with a meditation, the Lesson of the Day, and state my intentions for the day. For some, this may be similar to a prayer.

I will:

  • Stay connected to the power of the universe and the power of the present moment.
  • Recognize and eradicate negative thoughts before they bubble to the surface.
  • Listen more and talk less.
  • Let go of my need to be right.
  • Respond with love in all situations.
  • Seek the highest good for all.

Don’t beat yourself badly if your day doesn’t go entirely to plan. We are all a “work-in-process.” To free ourselves from torment, we must forgive ourselves and others.

I believe in Miracles.

If someone had asked me two years ago if I believed in miracles, I would have scoffed and said, “nonsense.” I know now that miracles do occur all the time. Once you believe in them, you start paying attention and seeing miracles daily. Every time I choose to put my ego in the back seat, it is a miracle for me and let someone else drive for a change!

How yoga Helped Me Change My Life

Practicing yoga and meditation has freed my mind of worry and stress and tamed my ego. Case in point, I used to fume all the way to work about the slow-pokes on the road, getting in my way and slowing me down. I now realize the slow-pokes weren’t going too slow; I was going too fast! A little self-reflection is good for the soul!

Change takes a lot of work, you have to really want it.

Yoga was the catalyst that opened my mind, which is how yoga helped me change my life!

“Change the way you think and the things you think about change.”

~Dr. Wayne D. Dye

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