How to Get Back up From a FacePlant

Rising Strong the book by brene brown

We have all experienced moments of failure or disappointment, and each fall is an opportunity for growth. The post, How to Get Back up from a Faceplant, explores the opportunity for change.

The FacePlant; how to get up

2018 started as a bleak month for me. Faceplants are painful; as many people do, I withdrew after one of these moments. Being an introvert, this was not that difficult. I walked, worked on my yoga and meditation practice, and spent time with my fur babies and husband. I launched my blog, MyPetiteStyle, to keep myself busy.

Reckoning with Emotion; how to get back up from a faceplant

As human beings, we do just anything to avoid pain or discomfort. Therefore, we cop an attitude of “whatever,” place blame, or silently withdraw! To own our stories, we need to move past the pain and lean into our feelings of discomfort, fear, and shame. We have to be willing to dig to uncover our authentic selves.

It has never been more apparent that we have lost the knack for entertaining ourselves as a society. We are an over-stimulated culture drowning our thoughts, feelings, and emotions in outside stimuli. We will do anything to avoid coming face to face with our emotions and feelings.

Rumbling with our Stories

We are superb at conjuring up all kinds of crazy stories when trying to come up with a reason, explanation, or excuse for what we have had. However, rumbling through our stores means dissecting our thoughts, feelings, etc. Moreover, cross-examining our thoughts, feelings, and emotions helps us understand how to prevent them from occurring again.

Invest in YourSelf

I have read several Brene` Brown books; most recently, Rising Strong. Brene` narrates her books and talks about vulnerability, fear and shame, and the Rising Strong spiritual practice. Brene` shares her faceplant experiences, and I could easily connect and relate to her facedown moments in the arena. After reading Rising Strong, I knew Brene and I had walked a similar spiritual journey! I highly recommend reading Rising Strong to everyone on the planet, a better life with more peace, love, and happiness.

The Man in the Arena

Brene’s use of Theodore Roosevelt couldn’t be more perfect for her book or this post!

The man face down in the arena striving valiantly, not the critic, counts! We get stronger each time we back up from a fall! Dare greatly; life is a journey; make it about being your best self, and you will live your best life!

the man in the arena
Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

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