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Working in ladies’ retail, I know women hate shopping for pants because it is the number one complaint I hear. Furthermore, the “Pant Edit” is the service I most frequently offer in the fitting room.

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Skinny, Straight, Boot, Wide Leg Pants

The denim market has exploded over the last few years with an array of pant styles, and the cool thing is they are sticking around! The variety of styles available now moves well past the Skinny, straight, and boot-cut leg pant styles. I believe we are servicing a more extensive range of body shapes with the addition and popularity of wide-leg and high-rise styles. Variety is fantastic but, at the same time, can be confusing. Therefore it is no wonder that women hate shopping for pants!

The Successful Pant Edit

Pant edit is a trendy term for a pant style fitting and a standard service offered by Personal Stylists. A pant edit experience is in-store, working one-on-one with a personal stylist. The client is more knowledgeable at the end of a successful pant edit. In particular, they understand the main characteristics of their body shape and create balance based on their proportions. Lastly, these women no longer hate shopping for pants after completing a pant edit!

Short or Long Wasted Proportions

Most petite women want their legs to look longer regardless of their waste proportions. Consider yourself blessed because if you are short-wasted because you have longer legs. Regular-size pants may work for you because your legs are longer than the average petite. You can wear mid-rise pants and high-rise pants comfortably, but I would continue to skip low-rise pant styles. Long-wasted ladies benefit from high-waste pant styles, which will make your legs appear longer!

Petite, Regular and Size Hang-ups!

Don’t get hung up on trying to categorize yourself as petite or regular size because in some cases, you may be petite and in others a regular size. Furthermore, this is why creating balance based on your proportions is key to finding your perfect pant style! A good pant edit will identify the best category and size (petite or regular) based on your body proportions.

The Right Pant for your Body Shape

One of the primary reasons women hate shopping for pants is finding a pair that simultaneously fits all parts of their body! For example, women with a pear body shape may struggle to find pants that fit correctly in the waist and hips simultaneously. Women with a tummy may experience a tight rise in petite size pants. Therefore, I suggest moving to the regular size pant if the rise is tight; going up in size may solve that but may inadvertently add access fabric through the hips and thighs.

Women Hate Shopping for Pants – the pant edit

Women hate shopping for pants – the pant edit is the best thing you can do for yourself! Invest in yourself and hire a personal stylist or check fine ladies’ retailers for free styling services.

MyPetiteStyle can help with a free Pant Style Portfolio, complete Body Shape Discovery Questionnaire, and stop the cycle of hate!

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