How to wear wide-leg pants if you are a short woman

striped wide leg pant

How to wear wide-leg pants if you are a short woman is a post about how to wear the wide-leg pant style if you are a short woman. Contrary to my beliefs, I was incorrect in an article I published in October 2020, stating it was not a good style for petite women. I thought the volume of the wide leg would swamp my small frame, but I was wrong!

 Pin-striped wide-leg pant
Pinstripes are an excellent choice for Petites!

I was sure that the wide-leg pants trend would never work for my petite frame, and it wasn’t until browsing the petite department of the local Banana Republic store that I saw a pair of wide-leg pants that I wanted to try on. I am 5.0 feet tall, and even with flat shoes, the wide leg did not overpower my frame. They fit like a dream and are so comfortable, and I was ecstatic about how long they made my legs look!

Tips on how to wear wide-leg pants for Petites

Wide-leg pants can make petite women look shorter and broader. Choose high-waisted styles that skim the hips and fall in a straight line, giving the illusion of longer legs. Opt for a full-length leg style that elongates the leg in lightweight flowy fabrics; silk and polyester.

Wide-leg pants by Banana Republic
Wide leg pants in polyester.

Pairing your wide-leg pant with cropped tops and jackets makes your legs look longer. For a casual look, wear a dressed-up tennie and a denim jacket. For an evening or work, pair your wide-leg with a dressy sandal or platform shoe.

Factor in your body shape

Factoring in your body type is a good idea to determine the best styles and fabrics. If you have a curvy figure (hourglass), flare/bell-bottom, or A-line stiles heavier fabrics like chino or denim, they hold their form better than lightweight ones.

Cartoon female body shapes
Which body shape describes you best?

If you do not know your body type, hook up with a stylist virtually or in-person and learn how to dress for your body shape.

Cropped wide-leg styles

Contrary to popular belief, Petites can wear wide-legs in a cropped style. There is not a big difference between cropped and ankle-length pants. The definition of the cropped pant is one inch above the ankle. Petites should avoid Capri styles; they will make your legs look shorter rather than longer.

Get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone and try a new style or trend before you say no to it! I know I am more willing to give something a go before I immediately scratch it off my list.

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