Striped Wide-Leg Pants are the Focus of this Post

WHBM striped wide leg pant

Striped wide-leg pants are the focus of this post and are featured in this week’s outfit. I love the striped pattern and flowy fabric of these pants by White House Black Market. I spotted these pants while researching another post, and it was love at first sight! The bold stripes scream, “look at me,” and I step out of my comfort zone when I put these pants on. I never thought I would wear this style of pants, let alone the bold style of these pants!

MPS outfit  of the week June 10, 2021

Palazzo or wide leg

While researching the history of wide-leg pants for a different post, I ran across some information on palazzo pants that I tucked away for future reference. I decided to haul it out for this post as the featured pants seem more palazzo style than the other wide-leg versions I have hanging in my closet. Striped Wide-Leg Pants are the Focus of this Post

example of a woman wearing palazzo pants
Deposit Photos palazzo pant

Key differences between wide-leg and palazzo pants

  • Palazzo pants are flowy and typically constructed of lightweight, soft fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and viscose.
  • Wide-leg pants are not necessarily flowy and may be constructed of medium to heavyweight fabrics such as denim, linen, and wool blends. Heavier fabrics maintain the wide-leg shape with no drape.
  • Palazzo pants are very wide through the entire leg, with the flare starting at the waist.
  • Wide-leg pants are a loose, relaxed style with a straight line from the top of the thigh to the ankle.
  • Palazzo pants are more prominent in warm weather but may be seen in cooler months in wool-blends.
photo of two pairs of wide-leg pants
Deposit Photo wide-leg pant

Striped Wide-Leg Pants are the Focus of this Post

Call them a wide-leg or palazzo; either way, this style has been around for a while. I’m happy about that because not only is it an excellent style for the inverted triangle-petite, but they are fun to wear!

vintage photo of woman wearing wide leg pants

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