How to Create a Versatile Closet of Clothes

Like many fashionistas, I love to share the creative ways I put together the different outfits I wear. One of the things that have always been important to me is selecting versatile clothing. This post, How to Create a Versatile Closet of Clothes, will touch on a few critical points.

Versatile Closet or Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe websites and personal stylists tapping into the capsule wardrobe theme are galore over the website.! So I’m not going to profess to be an expert on capsule wardrobes. However, the practice of creating a versatile wardrobe was a necessity when I was younger and raising kids. There isn’t much leftover money, and I had to maximize my fashion choices, making them versatile.

How to Create a Versatile Closet of Clothes

Clothing must be versatile enough to create a minimum of three outfits. For example, take the denim jacket, a staple that should be in every woman’s closet. The possibilities with a denim jacket are endless, making it one of the most versatile pieces in your closet.

The Denim Jacket is a Staple in My Wardrobe

The denim jacket one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet.

How to Create a Versatile Closet of Clothes

You bought that gorgeous dress that was calling your name and took it home. Now you realize you don’t have the right shoes or topper. Please don’t beat yourself up because we have all done it. My advice is simple don’t snip off the tags on the item until you have run the item through a litmus test.

Litmus Test for a Versatile Closet of Clothes

  • Stock your closet with classic, timeless pieces. If you aren’t sure what qualfies as classic, consider talking to a personal stylist.
  • Ask yourself what purpose does this piece serve in my closet. If you can’t answer the question easily you probably dont need it.
  • Scout your closet for the number of ways you can pair this with other items in your closet. If you can’t find any return it.
  • Incorporate trends cautiously because they come, go and sometimes never return!
  • Take a friend with your or a personal shopper to check your choices.
  • Before you buy do you have all the shoes, accessories and sweater or jacket?

Clothes that Move between Seasons are Versatile

I love adaptable clothes that can be worn in multiple seasons. Because I live in California, I find this is pretty easy to do with dresses and skirts. In many cases, I swap bare legs for opaque stockings. I trade boots, booties, or tennies for open-toe sandals and scarves for summer necklaces. I layer up with tees, blouses, pull-over sweaters, and jackets. Swap out lightweight summer sweaters for warmer sweaters.

Versatile Closet of Clothes Makeover

I suggest starting with a closet makeover as a first step in creating the versatile closet of your dreams!

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