Love What you Wear and Wear What you Have!

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Love What You Wear and Wear What you Have! Do you have a closet full of clothes, most of which you are not wearing?  Then read on and discover how to clean out, organize and complete your wardrobe with clothes that you make you look and feel fabulous!

Love What You Wear or Toss

The first step is a closet clean-out. You are going to be trying on your clothes and will need a full-length mirror.  You will need closet space or portable laundry or clothing racks to use during the clean-out. 

To get the best results possible, you should prepare just as if you were getting ready to go to work, go on a date, or out for the evening.  Do your hair and make-up and wear appropriate undergarments.  

Evaluate Each Piece against a Litmus Test

Try on and complete an outfit for each item in your closet.  Make sure to include shoes and accessories. If you have an extensive wardrobe or limited space, you may want to break up your closet by season and category.   Create a litmus test to evaluate each of your garments. 

  • Does it fit?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • Can I complete an outfit and if not what is missing?
  • Does it make me feel great?

Every item in your wardrobe should serve a purpose. Orphaned pieces don’t have a matching component or are missing an essential element to complete any outfit.   Consider your options, “you love the piece and want to find the missing element” or “it’s not that great, you can consign, see my blog on consignment or donate it.” 

Excluding orphaned items, replace the clothing you are keeping back into your closet, organizing them by category (e.g., tops, pants, dresses)and color.  Make a list of each orphaned item and document what is necessary to complete the outfit. It’s not always about matching the color; it could be you don’t have the right shoes or outer garment such as a jacket or sweater to complete any outfit. When you learn how to dress for your color palette, body type, and lifestyle, you won’t have any orphans are lying around waiting for the next closet clean-out!

Love What You Wear and Wear What You Have

We need to create completed outfits with our remaining orphaned garments.  Before heading out to shop, I recommend browsing your favorite stores online.  You can capture ideas and save time before heading out to do any shopping.  Not all inventory online is carried in the stores, and special sizes like Petite have limited products stocked.  Additionally, sales prices online may differ from the store prices. It’s a good idea to verify with the cashier if you purchase at the store, and the price is not the same. 

Remember to apply the litmus test from above to each piece you consider to complete the outfit for the orphaned item.  Do not remove any tags from the garments until you have tried on the new things in a completed business.  

If shopping is the last thing you want to be doing or you struggle to find clothing that you like, you may want to consider hiring a stylist.  A good stylist has more than just an eye for what looks good together. They will be able to identify your color palette, analyze your body type, and provide advice on styles that work best for your body type.

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