Sage Style Tips for the petite woman over 50


Sage style tips for petite women over 50; as a petite woman over 50, I sometimes feel the pressure to conform my style to what society deems acceptable for my age and size. I am presenting four sage style tips for the woman over 50!

1) Petite Women Over 50; Dress for your body shape

Since the first rule of fashion is dressing for your body shape, I advise learning your body shape. I work in women’s fashion and ask that question often when working with customers in the fitting room. It isn’t easy to nail your style if you don’t know your body type. You may think you know your body type, but you may want to bounce it off someone else. I thought I was a rectangle shape until I took a class on personal styling and learned I was an inverted triangle.

2) Petite Women Over 50; Wear clothes that fit

One of the most common mistakes I see in women’s style is the “cover-it-all” look. The tummy area is a common complaint and the main reason for the “cover-it-all-up method. The more you try and cover it, the more attention you will bring to this area of your body; instead of trying to hide your tummy, look for styles that bypass the waist or select high-waisted styles that sit above the belly. Avoid fabrics that cling to your body, and instead, choose Empire Style dresses, tops, and shift dresses are excellent styles. Blouses or tops with tapered sides work well to disguise a tummy. The advice I give the most often is to tuck or partially tuck tops.

If you are a Petite shop in stores that carry petite sizes. Pants will have shorter in-seams, sleeve lengths will end above the wrist, and tops, jackets, and sweaters are designed for optimum fit, ending at the high hip to enhance the leg line.

3) Sage Style Tip for Women over 50

No matter what your style is, you want to bring attention to the face. Wear colors that are suited to your palette and accessorize with printed scarves, earrings, or necklaces.

Incorporate color with solid, color-blocked or printed pieces

Even if you have minimal contrast in your coloring and can carry a monochromatic look, I suggest adding color to your outfit above the wais adds interest to what otherwise might be a dull outfit!

  • Look for tops that have interesting color combinations or prints.
  • Look for styles that have details, like the double-breasted buttons on the jacket below.
  • Make the single focus piece of your outfit in an eye-popping color.
  • Connect the colors in your outfits with accessories; choose from belts, scarves, statement earrings, or necklaces to tie the look together.
lookbook outfit # 1

Sage Style Tips for the petite woman over 50

4) Wear what makes you happy

There is no wrong or right style at the end of the day, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Never let the fashion gods dictate your style!

Beth  Ives, MyPetiteStyle

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