How to wear holey denim if you’re over 50

This week’s outfit of the week blends holey denim, flip flops, and a cute summer tee, perfect for a summer beachside escape!

My holey jeans are from Banana Republic and are from a couple of years ago; the link will take you to a similar style. The tee is by Talbots, the flip-flops are by Lindsay Phillips, and the cross-body bag I picked up at Marshall’s.

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Holey Denim

Holey, ripped, torn, or distressed, no matter what you call denim with holes, it isn’t a new style that just erupted in the last few years. The style has been around since the 80s and was most associated with heavy-metal rock fans and not your average streetwear!

Too old for torn denim

You like the look of torn denim but question if you are too old to wear the style? This question is googled a lot and the answer is there are no fashion limitations, only the ones you place on yourself.

There are many levels of distressed denim; if you like the look but are not sure you can carry it off, get a second opinion. Go shopping with a fashion-savvy friend who will give you their honest opinion or book a service with a personal stylist. Then shop till you drop; hopefully, it won’t be that difficult. However, you may need to try on several different styles until you find the one that suits you best.

How to rock your distressed denim

  • Minimize the number of trends you wear at a time.
  • Pair your ripped denim with non-trendy pieces.
    • Tees
    • Blazers
    • Button-up shirts
  • Pair with a bomber jacket for an edgy look.
  • Keep the holes to a minimum.
  • Consider the placement of the holes; you don’t want your butt hanging out!

Still have questions about how to pull this look off, post a comment, drop me an email at, or book a free 30-minute style session!

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