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What Dress Style is the Best for My BodyShape

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If you are like many women, you go into the fitting room with a pile of dresses and come out with a pile of go-backs! Read and shop the post about what dress style is the best for my body shape and experience less frustration and more success!

Do your homework Before Shopping

  • Knowledge is power – invest in your personal style with a body shape analysis!
  • Before heading out, check product availability on the retailer’s website.
  • Check the hours of the store before you head out!

Dresses by Body Shape

While there are only a handful of body shapes, my experience has been that most women do not know what their shape is. Therefore they select the wrong style or size and can’t understand why nothing is working! They end up wasting their time and possibly their money minus the satisfaction. Clothes are expensive; don’t settle!

What Dress Style is the Best for My BodyShape

Shop Dresses by Shape

Dress Styles for the Hourglass Body Shape

When you think of the Hourglass figure, the image of Marilyn Monroe pops up! Well, not everyone is a Marilyn, but the typical hourglass shape features:

  • Shoulders are broad and in proportion to the hips
  • The waist is nipped and defined
  • The hips and thighs are full and curvy

The Best Dresses for the Hourglass Body Shape

The best dress styles for the Hourglass shape maintain proportion between the shoulder and hip, accentuate the natural curve of the body and emphasize the waist. Therefore exercise caution with dress styles that expand the breadth of the shoulder, including shoulder pads, decorative ruffles, and the like. Fitted dresses like a body-con and belted wrap look fab on the Hourglass shape. However, Flare and A-line dress styles also work on a balanced figure.

Dress Styles for the Triangle Body Shape

The Triangle shape is narrow through the shoulders and has curvy hips. The main difference between the Triangle and Hourglass shape is that the shoulder width and hip line of the Triangle or not in proportion. The style goal is to balance out the top and bottom by selecting dress styles that add minimize the lower half, and width to the shoulder line, and define the waist.

The Best Dress Styles for the Triangle

The best dress styles for the Triangle include belted dresses to accentuate the waist, and skirts that flare over the hips. And empire waists and necklines that broaden the shoulder line.

Dress Styles for the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The Inverted Triangle is, of course, an upside Triangle! The shoulders are broader than the hips, there is a slight curve through the hip, and the waist is defined. The style goal of the Inverted Triangle shape is to balance the hips and the shoulders. This can be achieved by wearing belted A-line dress styles and dresses with Empire waists, that flare at the waist. Additionally, avoid tops with embellishments on the shoulders, as this will make the shoulders appear larger.

The Best Dress Styles for the Inverted Triangle

Because the Inverted Triangle shape is narrow through the hips, they can wear straight styles, including Slip, Shift, and Sheath dresses. Additionally, if the goal is to bring more balance between the shoulder and hip, Swing dresses work great.

Dress Style Goal for the Rectangle Body Shape

The Rectangle body shape is straight from head to toe, shoulders and hips are in proportion, there is no defined waist, and the hips are slim. The goal may be to add volume and shape to a straight body, which can be achieved by choosing dresses that add volume from the shoulder, as with a Swing dress. Or the goal could be to emphasize the long line of the rectangle shape.

The Best Dress Styles for the Rectangle

The Rectangle body shape can wear pretty much any style of dress. However, drapey styles like bias-cut dresses, Trapeze, Slip, Shift, or Sheath dress styles look fab too!

Dress Styles for the Oval Body Shape

The Oval is sometimes referred to as an Apple shape.  The shoulders, bust, and hips are similar in size. The mid-section/upper body is the widest part of this body shape, with an undefined waist, narrow hips, and long shapely legs. The goal of dressing this shape is de-emphasizing the mid-section, create a defined waist, and highlight those long shapely legs.

The Best Dress Styles for the Oval Body Shape

Straight dress styles, like Sheath, Shift, and the ShirtDress, de-emphasize the upper middle body and create a long line. Alternatively, the Oval shape can handle the volume on the lower half, so belted A-Line, and Empire waist dresses look good too!

The Dress that works on all Body Shapes

The dress that works on all body shapes is the classic A-line dress. A-line dresses are common and an easy style to fit. However, there are other factors to consider when shopping for a dress, including the style of the neckline, the length of the dress, and the fabric.

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