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How to Work with a Personal Stylist and Achieve Maximum Results

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As a personal stylist I put myself in my client’s shoes to understand what’s important to them. The post, How to Work with a Personal Stylist and Achieve Maximum Results, documents a few critical points that may improve your experience working with a personal stylist.

Choosing the right kind of Stylist; Personal Stylist vs. Image Consultant

Personal stylists and image consultants deliver similar services, the primary difference being the type of client they interact with. Image consultants cater to corporate clients, celebrities, and the like! While a qualified personal stylist may be able to deliver the same results as the image consultant, they tend to cater to ordinary women looking to elevate their style.

Personal Style Services; Remote and In-Person

There is no doubt that styling someone in person is easier, faster and achieves a better result. However, regardless of which method is used, preparation and communication are key to a successful personal-style service. A great stylist will capture details, such as specific concerns, likes, dislikes, body image issues, and overall goals. Additionally, you should have a clear understanding of what to expect during your service. If your stylist is not asking enough questions, look for one that is detail-oriented!

Personal Style Specialties

While some personal stylists will cater to the mainstream client, others may define a smaller niche for their client base. For example, as a petite woman over 55, I can relate to the same things my clients relate to, and I choose to focus on the petite woman over 55. It is easier to connect with a stylist who has similar pain points and can relate to what you are saying!

personal stylist vs. image consultant

Take a Personal Stylist for a Test Spin

Personal Stylists don’t have official qualifications. Therefore, I suggest looking for a stylist that offers a free test spin of their style services. A reputable stylist will offer some sort of incentive to work with them, and many offer a free or inexpensive service to test spin their services. Giving you a chance to evaluate their service without any risk!

The bottom line is if you are thinking of investing in personal style services, take the time to investigate local and remote personal stylists. And contact potential stylists and open a dialogue with them to discuss your style goals and their services to see if you are a fit.

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