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Investing in Capsule Pieces Will Save You Money and Time

Casule Accessories

Sometimes, coughing up the money for a capsule piece is hard! However, investing in capsule pieces will save you money and time in the long run. By investing in one or two capsule pieces a year, you can build a capsule closet that is streamlined and suited to your lifestyle. Because capsule pieces are typically more expensive, it makes sense to choose wisely. Read the rest of the post for tips on capsule pieces worth investing in.

One of the things I love about building a capsule wardrobe is that I have accumulated pieces that work with everything I have. So, I am not spending much time figuring out what I will wear for a jacket or running out to shop for a pair of shoes.

Tips for Building a Capsule Wardrobe

1) Evaluate your Personal Style

You can’t make smart purchases on capsule pieces unless you understand what styles make the best choices. Verify your personal style by completing the Signature Style Survey and use the results to evaluate your closet.

Investing in Capsule Pieces Saves Time and Money

2) Make your fashion choices purposeful and versatile

I suggest creating a litmus test of style points to evaluate each item against. You may want to include questions such as “Is the color in my seasonal color palette and ‘Does the style fit as intended? And lastly, ask yourself if the capsule piece serves a purpose and it is versatile.

3) Buy Quality Capsule Pieces

You don’t have to buy designer wear to find quality pieces for your capsule closet. Most of us are, dare I say, “ordinary” women who love fashion but don’t need designerwear! However, I do recommend buying up to the best quality you can afford! Quality petite brands to consider for capsule pieces include Ann Taylor/Loft, Banana Republic, Talbots, WHBM, and Nic & Zoe.

4) Check the Fit, Not the Size Number

Wearing the wrong size is a sure-fire way to ruin a fantastic outfit, I see it all the time in the fitting room! For example, straight-leg trousers should be fitted but not tight like skinny-style pants. Check the fit while you are in the fitting room; for pants, check the fit of the rise, waist, and length. And for jackets, blazers, sweaters, or anything with in-set sleeves, check the shoulder seam. Unless it is a doleman sleeve, the seam should not be sliding off the shoulder. Additionally, check the sleeve length; if you are a petite wearing regular-sized clothing jackets, and top sleeves may be too long. Focus on getting the proper fit, not the size!

Accessorise with Quality Scarves and Jewelry

Invest in gold or silver capsule accessories, for example, a pair of gold or silver hoops or handmade costume jewelry of good quality. Adding a silk scarf or two is a beautiful way to elevate your personal style, bringing attention to your upper body and face.

5)Make proper care of Your Capsule Pieces

Read the labels of the clothes you buy and make sure you are following the instructions on cleaning. Natural fabrics, including cotton and linen, can shrink in the dryer, wash them on the delicate cycle, and line dry; or consider dry cleaning. Unless a label states “Do Not Dry Clean,” it can be.

Capsule Pieces are an Investment in your Personal Style

Investing in quality capsule pieces is smart shopping and saves money and time. What capsule pieces you should invest in depends on your personal style, budget, and the state of your closet! Fall is a great time to ask for and receive a free style coaching

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Namaste, Beth

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