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Shopping Women’s Jeans; Style Coaching in the Fitting Room

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For years, it seems skinny jeans were the only jean style available! And that is because skinny jeans have become a classic. However, the denim market has significantly changed over the last 10 years. And now there are many more jean styles that work for everybody! Fitting Room Adventures; Shopping Women’s Jeans; Style Coaching in the Fitting Room.

Style Coaching in the Fitting Room – Expertise in Style, Fit, and Sizing

I recently connected with a woman named Meg, who contacted me wanting assistance shopping for jeans. I asked her to complete my style questionnaire, and we chatted by phone to review the questionnaire results and confirm her desired style goal(s). Meg is local to Roseville, CA, and I invited Meg to join me for a one-on-one personal shopping coaching session!

Meg is balanced shoulder to hip with a defined waist and a small bust. At a height of 5.4, Meg is on the cusp between Petite and Regular sizing. Her body is mostly balanced, with her lower body a tad longer than her upper body. I explained to Meg that her body is mostly in balance, with neither the upper nor lower body being noticeably different in proportion to each other.

Skinny Jeans Not the Best Style for Every Body

Meg believed the skinny jean was the best style for her because she hadn’t been shopping for jeans in a while and believed that she was too short to wear wide-leg jeans and too old to wear a pair of flare jeans! However, Meg has an open mind and was willing to try different styles, and the results were excellent.

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Update your Denim with a Modern, Classic Denim Style

Straight, Skinny, Boot-cut, Flare, Wide, Barrel, Girlfriend & Boyfriend denim styles. With this number of denim styles available, you will surely find your perfect style and fit! And by incorporating a pair or two of current denim styles you can maintain a modern look as an older woman! I encourage women over 50 to have an open mind and a willingness to try new denim styles; you might surprise yourself. If you are not sure where to start, work with an in-store stylist or personal stylist.

Shopping for clothes is time consuming and expensive

As a stylist with the Ann Taylor brand and a personal stylist, I offer expertise in style, fit, and sizing. And one of my most common style consults is with petite women shopping for jeans or pants. My goal with style coaching is to educate women on shopping for denim. Because when it comes to fit, style, and sizing, jeans! No two brands will be identical in fit or sizing, and not all denim styles work for everybody! A good style expert will check the fit of the rise and waist and will suggest alternate styles that you may not have thought of yourself.

Work with a Style Expert

I can help you save money and time with personalized style services that solve your most difficult fashion dilemmas. Email for a free 30-minute style consultation, and let’s talk fashion!

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