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6 Things That Women Do Shopping They Could Do Better

Fitting Room Style Preparation

The Fitting Room at the Ann Taylor Loft shop I work at is always a buzz! And in my role as a fitting room stylist, I am tuned in to the client’s needs and ready to assist! I garner and analyze information I see and hear from the clients in the fitting room. For better shopping results, read the post “6 Things That Women Do Shopping They Could Do Better.”

1) Last Minute Shopper; six things women could do better shopping

You don’t like shopping, so you procrastinate, or perhaps you don’t have the time to shop. And either way, your shopping experience is bound to be a disappointment. I have worked in enough retail shops to know that you cannot wait till the last minute to find that perfect outfit for that special event! So my best advice is to give yourself at least a month to give yourself enough time.

2) Prepare Before You Shop

You probably know what you are shopping for unless you are just browsing. However, you can do a few easy things to prepare for your shopping trip.

  • Shop your closet first!
  • Take a photo or write a detailed description of the outfit or piece with you when shopping.
  • Make a list of the stores with the styles and sizes you need.
  • Check the availability on the retailer’s website before shopping.

Shopping for your closet as a first step is always a good idea. Furthermore, this is especially important if you are doing seasonal shopping. Nobody wants a bunch of duplicate clothes in their closet!

Check product availability before heading to the mall!

3) Your Husband or Friend is Your Fashion Stylist

Please don’t take your husband or friend as your stylist; they know nothing about fashion and can be naysayers! Not kidding, if you are shopping with a friend who tells you, “You are too old to wear a skirt above the knee,” lose her! I once had that experience, and ignoring the naysayer, I said, “Wear some opaque stockings with the skirt.” I am happy to report that she purchased the skirt!

post image of husband and wife shopping

4) Ask Your Fitting Room Stylist for Help

Because some women are uncomfortable asking for help, getting them to open up to me can be challenging. However, your store stylist isn’t there to make a sale and is your advocate in the fitting room. Their goal is your satisfaction, which they do with expert style assistance in the fitting room. Many fashion retailers now offer style consultations by appointment, In addition to Talbots, Banana Republic. Furthermore, I am excited to announce that Ann Taylor Brands, including The Loft, are implementing in-person personal styling and shopping by appointment. Stay tuned to this website for details about the Ann Taylor Loft Style By Appointment program!

5) Size is Just A Number

Some women get hung up on a size number and will squeeze themselves into a smaller size. And wearing clothes that are too tight will make you larger than you are. I can’t help but recall a situation when I worked at Talbots. A lady with her older daughter came into the fitting room, trying on a blouse that was too small. She didn’t want to go up in size for the right fit and instead purchased the smaller size. The blouse would have fit correctly and looked great had she purchased the next size up! A couple of weeks later, she returned the blouse after wearing it, getting a stain, and washing and drying it!

Womens ill-fitting button-down shirt for post

6 Things That Women Do Shopping They Could Do Better

6) Smart Style Starts with Smart Shopping

A conscientious shopper desires to wear all of the clothes in their closet. Therefore they practice a minimalistic approach when purchasing items for their closet. Smart style – the concept of less is more may be achieved with a capsule closet of key and essen

If you like the sound of a minimalist capsule closet but don’t know how to get started, you can find my contact info in the Footer of this website.

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