Anti-Aging; 3 Products for Younger Looking Skin

Anti-aging 3 products for younger-looking skin; the claim has been made by many skincare companies that their products can turn back the clock. An anti-aging product is daunting because of the sheer number of brands and formulas to choose from. This post will present tips on what to avoid and what to look for and provide product suggestions. This will improve your chances of purchasing a fantastic product at a fabulous price that delivers on its promise of younger-looking skin.

Peptides are an excellent anti-aging product and consist of compounds of two or more amino acids. Peptides improve collagen production, reduce wrinkles and elasticity, and boost saggy skin!

1) Peptides anti-aging; 3 products for younger skin

Unlike Retinoids, Peptides are easier on the skin and typically easier to tolerate than Retinoids. Nevertheless, you should follow the package documentation and watch for any adverse side effects. Many excellent peptide products are available, from drug stores to high-end department store brands.

2) Anti-Aging Retinoids; 3 Products for Younger Skin

Retinoids are a form of Vitamin, and there are over-the-counter and prescription versions available. Prescription forms of the medication contain Tretinoin and range in dosage between .02% to .1%. the effectiveness of Retinoids in tamping down wrinkles is sound research and documented.

Retinoid products may irritate the skin, causing redness, peeling, and dry, itchy skin. If you have sensitive skin, OTC brands with Retinol will be better for you. Otherwise, I recommend sticking with a prescription brand, for example, Retin-A or Renova products. If you are new to retinoid products, I suggest starting slowly with one-two application’s a week with a couple of days between each application. You can expect dry, red, irritated skin for the first two weeks before it does start to improve. In time skin builds a tolerance to the scaly side effects and the results are beautiful skin! You know, sort of like a snake dropping its skin!

3) Exfoliation anti-aging 3 products for younger-looking skin

Skin exfoliation should be the last step in the anti-aging treatment process. Two categories of skin exfoliation products 1) Scrubs use beads, seeds, or similar material to clean the skin’s surface. They can reveal cleaner, smoother skin, but they don’t penetrate more profound than the surface level of the skin. Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, can penetrate deeply to produce tangible results. See my post,

I started using Anti-aging skincare products including daily sunscreen when I was in my 30s. A good skincare routine has to start with consistent daily use of sunscreen. I grew up in an era when women covered themselves in baby oil and baked in the sun! Thankfully, I thought laying in the sun was boring and too hot!

My advice make sunscreen a step you don’t skip in your daily skincare routine. Don’t forget your arms, hands, shoulders, neck and chest!

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