e.l.f. adds skincare to their product line-up

e.l.f cosmetics blog post.

e.l.f. adds skincare to their product line-up; e.l.f. Cosmetics was venturing into the skincare market. e.l.f. is known for their inexpensive line of cosmetic products and I was curious to see how their skincare products would stack up compared to department store brands.

e.l.f. Skincare Best Sellers

e.l.f. Skincare products range from cleansers, moisturizers, facial serums, and facial oils. For an extra boost of moisture I combine the Nourishing Facial Oil with the Hydrating Serum. I mix e.l.f.s Antioxidant Serum Booster Serum with my sun screen and that results in added protection from environmental skin hazards.

A slide of several e.l.f skincare products

Do your Homework before you buy

After researching with Beautypedia, skincare, and cosmetic industry experts. I discovered e.l.f.’s Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum which received 4 out of 5 starts from Beatypedia. I liked it as much as MAC’s BB cream and at 6.00 dollars a bottle it was significantly cheaper.was able to make better-informed decisions on skincare cleansers to anti-aging skincare. Something important I learned was that price does not guarantee results.

The number of skincare products has increased since the release of e.l.f.s skincare lines and formulas exist for dry, oily, and combination skin. Do your research, Use the e.l.f. skincare finder to determine which skincare products are right for your skin. For more tips on skincare see the post: Anti-Aging; 3 Products for Younger Looking Skin.

e.l.f. adds skincare to product line-up

I give a thumbs up to the quality of the products and the affordable price. I will continue to post updates about e.l.f.products as I continue my exploration into the land of e.l.f!

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