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Inseam Measurements By Denim Style For A Better Fit

Post Title Photo, Inseam Measurements by Denim style for a better fit

Finding the perfect fit in a pair of denim can be daunting because every style fits differently. However, knowing your inseam measurement and the fit and inseam measurements of the various denim styles would be extremely helpful in shopping. So, read the post, Inseam Measurements by Denim Style for a Better Fit,” and learn how to measure your inseam and shop smarter!

Pic of fitting room with denim styles with various inseams.

The Denim Edit

What are Petite Inseam Measurements

Petite inseam lengths typically range between 25 and 31 inches, depending on the denim or pant style. They are designed for individuals with shorter leg lengths, providing a better fit and a more flattering look. Petites range in height up to 5.4. However, quality petite clothing will be tailored proportionately for narrower shoulders, shorter limbs, and a smaller chest. Additionally, body balance (proportions) can make a difference in petite vs. regular sizing and the best inseam.

How to Measure Your Inseam for a Better Fit

A correct inseam measurement starts at the crotch and measures down the inside of the leg to just below the ankle bone. You can apply this technique to a body or a pair of pants. Go ahead and grab that tape measure and make a note of your inseam!

Inseam by Style for a Better Fit!

Now that you have the correct inseam measurement, you can use that information when shopping for denim or any other pants style!

Inseam by Denim and Pant Styles

Skinny Inseam 25 – 30 Inches

In the world of fashion, skinny jeans have become a staple item in many wardrobes. These form-fitting denim pants have a sleek and modern look that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.

The inseam range for petite skinny Jeans is between 25 and 30 inches, depending on the brand, height, and proportions. Skinny jeans should hit at the ankle or skim the top of the foot. For a smooth fit, skinny denim should be fitted but not tight.

Pairing skinny jeans with a flat, sandal, or moderate heel is a no-brainer. You want to create a nice, clean line down the length of the lower body. So, don’t puddle your skinny jeans, as it will appear like you were too lazy to hem them!

Straight Inseam 24 – 30 Inches

The modern straight-leg is wider than the traditional 501 jeans and features a high waist! The straight leg has come back into style in a big way in the last couple of years.

Straight-leg denim will have the same hemline as skinny jeans, although the wider leg can accommodate a boot shaft, which is a huge plus for me! In my experience, the straight-leg inseam for petite sizing ranges between 24 and 30 inches. The Loft and WHBM offered the shortest inseams I have seen in straight-leg denim. So, if you would like a shorter length, check out those two brands.

Wide Leg Inseam 27 to 30 Inches

After researching mainstream petite brands, I discovered that the inseam length for full-length denim and trousers is between 27 and 30 inches, and for cropped styles, it is between 25 and 29 inches.

It is a common belief that wide-leg styles are frumpy on petite or plus-size women or make your legs look shorter. However, you may limit your options if you have not tried a pair on.

A high-rise style will make you look taller and your legs longer! Look for a full-length wide leg that stacks or puddles softly on the top of the shoe! Pair a wide leg with a fitted top that can be tucked to create balance. Additionally, cropped or waisted shirts, sweaters, and jackets work well with a wide leg!

A woman wearing a wide leg pant style.

Tuck blouses and shirts for a flattering silhouette. For more coverage, layer a long tunic sweater over a tucked blouse.

Flare Petite Inseam 27 – 31 inches

The Flare jeans or pants are fitted through the hips and thighs. The flare begins below the knee and runs long. The inseam ranges from 27 to 31.

Pair your flare denim with a fitted or semi-fitted top and cropped or waisted jackets or blazers!

The flare style looks fabulous with a chunky boot, platform, or wedge. The pant hemline should be about 1″ from the bottom of the shoe.

As a personal stylist, I find the denim/pant edit to be one of my most popular services. Finding the perfect fit is not easy, and navigating the new styles is confusing! Take the pain out of shopping for pants with a denim-style consultation.

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