How to pack for your Maui Holiday!

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In the interest of efficiency, I am a huge fan of planning and organizing “to-do’ lists. In fact, it is the best way to ensure everything I need makes it into my bag. And after all, planning, organizing, and packing are part of the anticipation. And with the first of two upcoming vacations planned for 2023, I thought the timing for the post on how to pack for your Maui holiday was perfect.

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American Tourister Carry-On

Travel tip: Choose a carry-on in a stand-out color; it makes it easy to spot your bag amongst all the dark bags!

What’s in your Bag Bound for a Maui Holiday?

It’s important to give a thought to what kinds of activities you will be doing on your Maui vacation and then start a packing list. I like the free IOS app Check Checklists, an easy tool for creating simple checklists.

Pack for the weather in Maui

The temps in Maui are pretty consistent; regardless of the time of year, Maui is humid. Therefore I suggest packing your carry-on with clothing made from natural fabrics; linen, cotton, or a blend of the two. Avoid fabrics made from Polyester and Rayon and replace denim with chambray for hot, humid climates. Or, Alternatively, a blend of cotton-polyester may pack better and still be breathable. I suggest including a versatile, lightweight sweater or wrap for the evening. Convertible sweaters are a perfect piece for your summer capsule because you can style them in various ways, making them more versatile than a button-up cardigan.

Rack of clothes for Maui holiday post

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Day Tripping Maui Vacation; Shorts, Tanks, and Airy Blouses

You are bound to do some sightseeing on your Maui vacation, and shorts are necessary for this kind of adventure. So pack your bag with several pairs of shorts, tees, and tanks. We are going to skip the denim shorts and opt for lightweight versions in soft flowy fabrics, as suggested above. The paperbag style short is a great fit for all sizes, and you will be comfortable all day long trekking in these shorts. For tops, I recommend tanks and tees.

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Pack one or two outfits for the evening

I have been to Maui several times, and the atmosphere is laid-back and casual. That said, cotton ankle pants are cool, crisp, and in bright white, a beautiful contrast to tan ankles and feet! Or alternatively, a flowy wide leg in a bright floral print is gorgeous; pair it with a fitted tank and the convertible sweater. And the white cotton button-up works great, rolled up and tied layer over a tank. Or, optionally, tuck the button-up into a belted trouser short paired with flats.

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How to Pack for a Maui Holiday and Squeeze it into Your Bag!

If you are like most women, you overpack or pack stuff you never end up wearing. The key to avoiding this is “planning”!

  • You must plan in advance and start by making a checklist and adding new items to it as they come to mind.
  • Mix and match the pieces to form complete outfits using a flat surface. If the colors and styles are versatile, you should be able to mix and match fairly easily. And eliminate any pieces that become orphaned.
  • Check the laundry facilities at the resort; this will reduce the amount of clothing you need to pack.
  • Be realistic about what you will be doing, and if you are eating at the local burger or pizza joint, you can wear shorts.
  • Invest in packing cubes to keep your clothes stain free!
  • Make a practice run at packing your bag before you have to!

Thanks for reading, aloha!

Namaste, Beth

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