Five Pieces for EveryWomans Spring Closet this Year

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If you study fashion trends or head to the mall regularly, you may have noticed new Spring styles in the stores. In the post, five pieces for “everywomans” Spring closet this year, I have identified five styles trending for your Spring closet this year.

Straight Leg Denim

Fans of straight-leg denim will be happy this Spring because straight-leg denim jean is in style. However, as a stylist working with the everyday woman over 40, I have picked up on women’s views of what clothing makes them feel attractive or sexy! Furthermore, I have found many women have a stereotypical belief that a skinny leg makes them look thinner, and a high waist is something their mother wore! However, contrary to popular belief, a skinny leg is not going to make you look thinner if you have heavy legs or thick calves. Instead, opt for a straight or wide leg; your legs will look longer and leaner and not stuffed into pants that make your legs look like sausages! As for the high waist, it does a great job of minimizing the waistline and creating or enhancing shapely curves in the line of the body.

You can confirm your body shape by checking this page and taking the Signature Style Quiz.

Additionally, plenty of other options, for example, flare, wide, boot-cut, and skinny. If you are unsure of your best pant style, take the quiz.

Maxi Skirts & Dresses for “EveryWomens” Spring Closet this Year

At a certain age, we want more coverage. Therefore, maxi/midis dresses and skirts are staples in my closet. In the winter, I pair midis skirts with boots and tennis shoes or sandals in the summer. At the same time, skirts are full and flowy, and maxi/midis are available in various styles, fabrics, and prints. And the A-line is a great style for everybody, but the Hourglass shape looks particularly fab in a form-fitting sheath.

Style Tip! While working in the fitting room, I noted the black dress does not fit well unless you are narrow through the hips. If your lower body is curvy, it may cause the dress to get hung up on the hips. And there isn’t a lot of give in the fabric, which is a cotton/polyester blend with minimal stretch. Equally important, this dress is currently available in-store for both petite and regular sizing.

Oversized Women’s Shirts

Oversized petite button-up shirts are in style and selling at Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic Factory, and Anthropologie. The warmer seasons, Spring and Summer, inspire stripes; however, you can also find the oversized shirt in classic white. On the other hand, you could go for an upscale version from Anthropologie in a bright Spring color!

Sandals that go with everything for “EveryWomans” Spring Closet

Comfortable yet stylish sandals in a neutral brown are a perfect asset for a summer closet. The Birkenstock sandal is a German brand. However, globally popular, you can buy Birkenstock sandals direct on their US website. And you can shop all three pairs of these shoes by clicking the “Shop” link on each image.

Must-Have Accessories for “EveryWomans” Spring Closet

Accessories are the icing on the cake and can add sophistication to an outfit. Additionally, they can connect the dots between pieces in an outfit. Some fun pieces to consider beaded bags, metallic jewelry, or statement shoes. Furthermore, I recommend clearly understanding what accessories you want for each outfit before heading to the store. This way, you can avoid unnecessary purchases; I really hate having stuff in my closet that is not being worn!

Shop all the pieces in the post, 5 pieces for EveryWomans Spring Closet this Year. Or shop pieces individually using the shop link on each image.

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