Name One Thing you Wear that Reflects your Style Signature

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Can you name one thing you wear that reflects your Style Signature? Each of us has a unique style personality reflected in the clothing styles, colors, and accessories we choose. And while it is expected that our style choices may change as we age, we don’t want to lose our sense of personal style. For example, scarves have always been an accessory in my wardrobe and still are!

Can you name one thing you wear that reflects your style signature and why?

A style signature is more than a category, for example, modern, classic, creative, or casual style. A style signature is something that makes your style you. And style signature traits can be as simple as a particular piece of jewelry you wear, specific styles or colors, and even a scent can a trait in your style signature. Additionally, you could be recognized for your overall skill at curating outfits that reflect your unique style signature.

Develop your Style Signature and Build Confidence

Before jumping in head first, I suggest completing the Style Signature Quiz, which should give you a clear picture of your style signature. And then, identify key elements of your style and list them out. Does everything in your closet reflect your style signature? Or do you have a few things hanging around that you bought on a whim and have not worn?

Beth’s style signature

My style signature focuses on comfort, versatility, and functional styles. And my style is casual and leans towards classic style. However, I keep an eye on upcoming trends and am open to trying a new style or fashion trend if it supports my style signature.

  • Knits are my go-to when it comes to comfortable tops!
  • White fashion sneakers are my go-to for the summer!
  • Straight, Boot-cut, Flare, and Wide leg pant styles look fab on my Inverted Triangle shape.
  • A high-waisted pant rise makes my legs appear longer, enhances my curves, and is comfortable.
  • Clothes in cool Winter colors and prints look best on my Winter Palette
  • I prefer straight lines and tailored pieces over feminine ruffles and lace!
  • I accessorize with unique handmade jewelry and colorful silk scarves.
  • I prefer standout crossbody bags!
  • Combat boots are my go-to Winter boot and keep my feet warm and dry.
  • Lastly, I am willing to take a style risk!

I have two favorite scents and wear them often; Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker and Romance by Ralph Loren.

The Perks of dressing your Style Signature

Enjoy several perks when your closet contains clothes that reflect your personal style signature. People will look twice at you because your style signature will set you apart from the crowd!

Perk; Avoid a Bloated Closet

It’s easy for a closet to get out of hand without routine cleanings. A good time to clean it is after you complete your free signature style edit, or if something significant has changed in your life, for example, retirement, a job change, or perhaps you lost weight; it may be time for a style signature renewal!

Take the Signature Style Quiz and find out what your Style Personality is!

Perk; Avoid Impulsive Fashion Purchases

If you are like most women, you have purchased pieces of clothing that you regret buying. I can avoid purchases I will regret by hitting the pause button and identifying what about this item is luring me in for the purchase. Then, I can evaluate and check it against my authentic style signature. I try to apply this question before purchasing; however, occasionally, it doesn’t clear until I get it home and try it on. That said, keep the tags on until you know you will keep the item.

Perk; A streamlined closet means fewer clothes and less waste

4 women each with their own unique style signature.
What makes your style distinct?

Recycle and reuse are becoming a common theme in retailers across the U.S. In addition to consignment shops like thredUp and, mainstream retailers like The Banana Republic are touting their environmentally friendly fashion options. And when you shop for your authentic style, you buy less and save more than just your pocketbook!

Dismiss Stereotypical Fashion Rules

Working in ladies’ retail, I style women in the fitting room. I sometimes encounter resistance from clients because of stereotypical fashion rules. The most common response is, “I’m too old to wear that.” Don’t let stereotypical fashion rules derail your style; instead, be open to something new. And be willing to try a new fashion trend or style without self-judgment. If you are shopping in a store that offers style services, take advantage of their expertise. A good in-store stylist can offer constructive feedback and recommendations on style, fit, and sizing. Additionally, the in-store stylist understands the product and can assist with creating curated looks for work, special occasions, and weekend wear.

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Namaste, Beth

Please post a comment and name one thing you wear that reflects your style signature!

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