The pant edit quiz a blueprint of your best pant styles is the next best thing to an in-store session with a stylist. It’s always best to work with a ‘live’ personal stylist or in-store stylist. That said, complete the quick and easy pant quiz and receive a blueprint of your best styles.

Nail your perfect fit; the pant edit a blueprint of styles

As the morning temperatures drop, the need for long pants and Fall is the perfect time for pant edit. Start by swapping out cropped styles for ankle or full-length styles. Additionally, it’s a good idea to try on pants if it’s been a while since they have been worn. Once you have tried on all the pants, you want to wear for the Fall/Winter season. Determine if there are any wardrobe gaps, for example, a class black pants or boot-cut denim. Alternatively, try that wide-leg this season because it will be sticking around!

What pant styles are in season this year?

Capsule favorites, skinny, If your closet is stocked with capsule favorites, skinny, comprehensive, and boot-cut, you’re sorted!

  • Big to baggy, oversized, and low-rise
  • Barrel
  • Girlfriend
  • Trouser (wide leg)
  • Faux leather pant

Classic Capsule Favorites

  • Wide
  • Straight
  • Skinny
  • Boot-cut

You don’t need to go to extremes to wear this look. I recommend skipping the baggy/oversized trend. Instead, check out Gap’s 90’s Loose style, the Girlfriend or the Barrel. Add 1 or 2 of these pant trends or stick with your capsule favorites, which are still selling in the store.

You know what they say, “no pain, no gain” well, that’s true in fashion and style too. Shopping for clothes, especially pants, can be a real drag. That said, the solution is pretty easy with a pant edit blueprint. Once you know what styles, sizing and where to shop, you have reduced your pain point!

Key body signature traits include body balance and proportions to determine the best styles for each set of signature body traits.

Complete the Pant Style Edit quiz and find out what pant styles you rock!

Ladies Fashion Retail & Personal Shopping Expertise

Shopping for pants is one of the biggest pains in the butt. I know because I help women shop for pants! Working in the fitting room has given me plenty of practice with women on pant fit and style. The pant edit is one of the most often requested services.

I specialize with Petite women because we share common ground, and I know the nuances of many different petite brands. That said, my skills are not limited to a particular size.

I aim to educate the client on pant styles and proper fit based on their particular body signature traits. The pant edit quiz And coax the reluctant client into letting go of fashion stereotypes and opening their mind to the infinite possibilities.

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