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Three Summer Fashion Trends and How to Wear Them

Summer Sneaker Trends

Fashion trends can be intimidating, and one question I hear in the fitting room is, “How do I wear this?”! If you are a frequent shopper, you are likely aware of the current fashion trends and may even rock a trend or two yourself! However, in actuality, many women don’t follow fashion trends and are aware of the current styles or trends or how to wear them. However, Incorporating a trend or two is a great way of maintaining a modern and hip look! The post, Three Summer Fashion Trends and How To Wear Them shares three fashion trends this summer and how you can wear them!

Summer Fashion Trend; the Vest

You may have noticed that vests have been in the shops for the last couple of years. In fact I purchased the one I am wearing in the pic below from last summer. This year, the Loft has a summer white, royal blue, and navy striped version with a matching blazer.

A quality button-up V-neck is flattering on all body shapes and draws the eyes away from the shoulders and towards the center of the body. Vests can be worn casually over a pair of denim or work over a pencil skirt or trousers and a collared jacket.

When pulling outfits together for clients, I usually include a number of mix-and-match options for her and often include a vest. This usually results in both delight and the question, “How do I wear it?” I recommend pairing vests with fitted tops and skipping styles with bulky fabrics, or embellishments.

The Matched Set Summer Trend

Matched sets have been popping up all year long in the shops in everything from loungewear to matched shorts, skirts, and pantsuits!

Coordinated outfits, whether they are sleek suits, cozy loungewear, or chic athleisure sets, offer an effortless yet polished look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This fashion trend simplifies the decision-making process in the morning, allowing individuals to feel confident and put-together without the hassle of mixing and matching separate pieces. Beyond just aesthetics, the matched set trend promotes a sense of harmony and balance in one’s wardrobe, making it easier to maintain a cohesive personal style.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping matched-sets

  • Is there an exact color match with each piece in the set? Shopping or assisting clients with purchases I have seen a discrepancy between the pieces in the set. This is likely because the item came from a different dye lot. And this may cause a subtle mismatch between the pieces in the set. In a monochromatic outfit all pieces in the outfit come from the same column on the color wheel. Therefore it is not essential that the hue be an identical match.
  • Unless your matching set is loungewear, consider the fabric and print carefully. I recommend avoiding stripes and fabrics with a satin-like texture. And skin boxy tops and wide -leg styles, lest you look like you are wearing your jammies! Instead opt for matching skirts and tops in natural fabrics such as Linen or Cotton.
  • How versatile is the matched set? When the trend is done and dusted, can the set be easily split into separates for versatility.

Summer sneakers are slim, sporty and have a retro look and feel. The retro trend is a modern “do-over” for an old trend, sort of like a remake of a classic movie! The chunky sneaker for example the Nike Air, is out and the retro sneaker is in “icon” status at the moment!

Invest in capsule footwear!

Points to Consider Before Running Out to Buy Those Retro Sneakers

  • What is more important being in style or being comfortable? Never sacrifice your comfort for style, it’s not worth it!
  • If you need a sneaker that you can walk miles in, the retro sneaker may not be the right choice. The retro sneaker is a fashion statement and it’s probably fine for short distances. If you plan on wearing it as just a fashion sneaker and won’t be walking miles this sneaker is fine. However, some retro styles including Nike and Adidas styles are actually court shoes. Meaning they are designed for tennis or pickleball. Or, in other words these shoes are designed for lateral movements, not walking.
  • Your feet have special needs for example, arch support, or plantar fasciitis. Therefore it’s essential to choose footwear that caters to these specific requirements to ensure comfort and prevent further issues. Many brands now offer specialized shoes designed with features like enhanced arch support, shock absorption, and ergonomic designs to promote better foot health.

How to wear your retro sneaker!

Keep it simple pair your retro sneaker with a high-waisted, flowy trouser straight leg denim, or a jogger. And a button-up, tank or tee. Add classic accessories in gold or silver and a crossbody bag to complete the look! Additionally, Glamor magazine recommends pairing your retro sneaker with a white crew sock for an authentic look! I like the look of the sneakers with the cropped wide-leg trouser, but decided to skip the crew sock!

Have you got fashion trend or tip, post a comment and share it with the group.

Thank you for reading the post, Three Summer Fashion Trends and How to Wear Them, and supporting my blog!

Namaste, Beth

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