How to Develop and Live a Personally Authentic Life

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The most important step in developing personal authenticity is just being yourself! You don’t owe anybody an apology for being you! However, If you are a bullshit artist, you will come off as an ego-driven person with a gigantic need to be right! If that is the real you, so be it! Otherwise, try some of the things listed above and tame that ego!


How to Determine Your Best Lipstick Color

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The best lipstick color can make your face pop, and the wrong color can make you look like you are about to puke! Are you hopping from one beauty county to another, shopping for a shade of lipstick that makes you feel gorgeous? There is a better way to tackle this job; read the post “How to Determine Your Best Lipstick Color.”

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The Petite Hourglass; Style Coaching in the Fitting Room

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I recently worked with Jackie, a petite woman who was shopping for work outfits. Because Jackie works in a business casual office, she can wear sharp denim styles. She asked for help putting together a few business casual outfits. Jackie indicated to me she has short legs but finds petite sizing too tight through the rise.

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A Petite Classic Closet Does Not Need to Be Frumpy

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By definition, capsule pieces should be of above-average quality with timeless style. An excellent capsule piece can go for years. However, it’s a good idea to refresh your classic style, especially as you age; you want to update your wardrobe with modern classic pieces and avoid frumpy styles!

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Adventures in the Loft Fitting Room; Style Coaching

I am not sure when the “personal stylist” became synonymous with ‘style coach.” However, I do know that the phrase “style coaching” is a better description of the work I do in the fitting room. This is because coaching is exactly what I provide to Ann Taylor Loft clients in the fitting room! The post, Adventures in the Loft Fitting Room; Style Coaching, features a story from the fitting room!