How to Develop and Live a Personally Authentic Life

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Authenticity is more than a buzzword on social media and a page on Wikipedia. When your actions and behaviors support your values, you have personal authenticity. An authentic person is not concerned with fitting in or following the crowd. And personally, authentic people are genuine, the real deal, and themselves! Please read the post on how to develop and live an authentic life and discover where you are regarding your personal authenticity!

Live Your Values – Develop Personal Authenticity

While you may not always know it, your values drive your behaviors and decisions. Therefore tapping into your values is an essential first step in developing personal authenticity. One way to identify your values is to think of situations in which you felt your actions did not support a value or a belief you held. What was the action, what was the driving value in each situation, and what was the result?

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Authentic People are Curious About Themselves

Authentic peops are curious about themselves and are not afraid to do a deep dive into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that drive their behaviors and choices. An authentic person knows that living an authentic life starts with tuning inward.

An Authentic Person Chooses to be Conscious in an Unconscious World!

In a world where people lose themselves to the power of their ego, an authentic person will strive to live in a state of egoless consciousness. Authentic peops are not bothered by what others think of them and are comfortable speaking up for themselves and others. An authentic person understands their purpose, sets purposeful intentions, and cultivates conscious awareness of their body and mind through the practice of stillness.

Just be yourself – How to Develop and Live an Authentic Life

The most important step in developing personal authenticity is just being yourself! You don’t owe anybody an apology for being you! However, If you are a bullshit artist, you will come off as an ego-driven person with a gigantic need to be right! If that is the real you, so be it! Otherwise, try some of the things listed above and tame that ego!

Namaste, Beth

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