Streamline Your Closet With a Capsule Style Portfolio


You can streamline your closet with a personalized capsule-style portfolio free from MyPetiteStyle for the price of a subscription.

MyPetiteStyle Streamlines Closets with Capsule Wardrobes

If you follow MyPetiteStyle on FB, you may have seen a few of the capsule outfits I have crafted. Each capsule includes six to eight shoppable outfits complete with accessories. A personalized style portfolio explaining the significant style points is part of the package!

If you are like the average woman, you have103 pieces but only wear about 10 percent of your closet! I prefer a smaller closet populated with clothes that I am actually wearing. If you have not cleaned out your closet in a while, it may be overdue!

By definition, a capsule wardrobe consists of classic and timeless pieces. The idea is to invest in classic styles of good quality.

Streamline Your Closet with a Capsule Style Portfolio

However, in general, owning capsule pieces should save you money and space. Look for clothes that work in both warm and cool temperatures with a couple of minor tweaks!. For example, the denim skirt is a perfect piece for a capsule wardrobe. A simple change like shoes and opaque stockings takes the denim skirt from summer to winter in a snap!

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