How to Look Younger than you Are; six tips!

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Working as a fitting room stylist made me aware of common fashion woes older woman face. How to look younger than you are; six tips is a post about looking your best at every age!

Tip 1 – Invest in a bra fitting and look younger!

Nothing ruins an outfit faster than droopy boobs and misplaced darts! Check your profile and verify if the girls and the darts are in the right place! If it has been a while since your last bra fitting or you have never had one, head to your nearest Soma or Victoria’s Secret. I went from 34B to 32C after a professional bra fitting, and I could nail my perfect fit, saving me time in the fitting room. A bra fitting is foundational and should be the first tip for looking younger than you are!

Tip 2 – Show Skin Selectively and look younger than you are!

You may have great legs, but if you are over fifty, stick with skirt lengths at or just above the knee for summer. If varicose veins and swollen ankles bother you, opt for maxi or midi-length skirts and dresses! Winter time is an excellent time for shorter skirt lengths because opaque stockings offer great coverage for your legs.

If your upper arms are your issue, opt for 3/4 sleeves or tees with longer short sleeves (Talbots caries to tee’s with a longer short sleeve) and long sleeve tops in non-clingy fabrics. In the summer, look for a lightweight 3/4 shrug, wrap, or poncho to cover your arms.

Don’t be afraid to wear tops and dresses with cut-out details in all the right places. Look for tops and dresses with open necklines, for example, V-neck, square, or scoop, and show a little leg!

How to Look Younger than you Are; six tips!

Tip 3 – Utilize Optical Illusions & Focal Points!

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The trick to fabulous style is learning to apply optical illusions to accentuate your features. For example, high-waisted pants can create the illusion of longer legs. Wearing V-neck styles detracts from a broad shoulder and so forth. Learn how to utilize accessories to create focal points and draw attention.

Tip 4 – Update your Hair Doo and look younger than you are!

Adopt a Modern “Doo” to look younger than you are!

Is your hair aging you? Dark hair enhances wrinkles and may appear harsh on aging skin. Alternatively, bleached blond hair on tanned, wrinkled skin is not a great look either. To look younger, I suggest letting your hair revert to its natural color, whatever that is, and then deciding where to go with the color. The cut depends on your hair (e.g., curly, straight, wavy) and the shape of your face. Additionally, maintenance and lifestyle should be factored in as well. For example, if you are low maintenance, you don’t want a hairstyle requiring a lot of fuss!

5) Wear a Modern-Classic Style

The modern-classic wardrobe consists of classic, clean, and simple styles and lines.

Balancing our fashion choices becomes trickier as we age. How to look younger A modern-classic style for women over fifty is current and up-to-date. The modern-classic style skips frills, ruffles, and overly feminine styles and opt for classic pieces with clean lines in updated styles. I recommend primary capsule pieces in color palette-friendly neutrals, including white, cream, black, and gray. Make your outfit come to life with pops of color, stylized prints, or interesting accessories.

Tip 6 – Work with a Personal Stylist/Shopper

For many women, shopping for clothes that fit well and are attractive may be daunting. And this is especially so if you wear a specialty size, for example, tall, petite, or plus. However, experienced working in ladies’ retail fashion, I am familiar with the sizing options and fit for many mainstream premium petite brands and missy product lines.

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Signature style Consultation is a free starter service that I offer without further obligation on your part. Work with me, and I can show you how to look younger than you are with expert style and fit advice for your body shape, proportions, and unique fashion challenges. Additionally, you receive a seasonal and contrast color analysis and a starter 10-piece capsule shop board.

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